There's more BlackandWhite to come, but here's some color to mix it up a bit.

Sunrise over Sleeping Indian

Below: Elk. This herd was running for their lives as they were being shot at by 'hunters' in the national park's 'Elk Reduction Program'. It was a mess that morning; it ended with people surrounding the huge herd, shooting at the running herd, and causing myself and a handful of other non-hunters to duck for cover behind our cars as we were caught in the crossfire with bullets whizzing past (no bullshit).  Read another photographer's account of that morning by clicking the following link.

Anyways, the running elk herd was kicking lots of fresh snow into the air, and their panicked breath was producing lots of steam which made some interesting light. So I photographed the light. Motion-blurred by slow shutter speed.

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