I decided to mix things up a bit and shoot for the month of November with the intent of creating black and white images.  I figured I'd fail occasionally and make some color images too and that's ok, but I really wanted to try to work on visualizing black and white.  So overall it was a great success, I made some good images and expanded my visualization and processing skills. Mission accomplished.  Here is the first batch of b&w images from November:

(click the photos for bigger, better versions)

The above two moose photos were taken during a beautiful fall sunrise full of color. I wouldn't normally even consider converting these to b&w but they both worked really well. Yay!

Next up: A couple of 'Failures'.  Yep, color photographs. I just couldn't do the conversion to b&w on these...

I actually tried a b&w conversion on the below photograph of aspen trees. When I made the photo I was sure it would look great in b&w. But I just liked the warm sunset color too much and kept it color.  Sue me.

And last? Here's a motion-blurred artsy-fartsy photo of a bighorn sheep ewe running through the cliffs. Black and white too.