Found this Black Bear near Elk Creek. Watched and photographed him for about a half hour before the Park Ranger chased us off for getting closer than 100 yards.  We saw four black bear on the trip, only this one close enough and in good enough light to photograph. [simage=438,800,n,center,]

I was the first photog to hike out onto a nice ridge to get a better shot. Soon there were about twenty people there shooting the bear. All of them had bigger lenses than me. Most of them were camouflaged too.  Janie mentioned to one of the other photographer's wives that she was embarrassed that her husband had the smallest lens out there...  I think she was kidding but now I have to consider upgrading to a 500mm lens I guess. Ha!


The only Grizzly we saw crossed the road in front of us as we were driving home. I only had time to stick my camera out of the window and snap three shots before he disappeared back into the dense forest. Hence, the crappy picture. Cool looking bear though.