I finally got to meet grizzly 610 - daughter of famous griz 399.  She and her two cubs went into the willows and a bunch of us waited for them to come back out to get some photos. Instead, we got to witness the grizzly kill and eat an elk calf. Thankfully I didn't actually see the kill. I would have been shooting like crazy at 10 frames per second, documenting the whole thing. I would have had a ton of pictures of the scene and I don't think I would have liked them. I think fatherhood is making me soft because just hearing the kill was a bit disturbing to me. I can still hear the elk calf's cries 24 hours later and although I know it is nature I still wish I hadn't heard those noises. That and seeing the mother elk watching the whole thing helplessly from 30 yards away makes me feel a little strange... I'll get over it. Once the kill was done, I got to shoot the sow and her two cubs eat the elk. It was difficult shooting from quite a distance, getting dark, trying to find a clear shot through all the willows and trees.  No gore because the carcass was deep in the grass but you could see the carcass steaming in the cold evening air as the sun went down.  The end result was some mediocre photos but a memorable experience.




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