When I first saw this bear, I wasn't sure it was a bear. I could just see something big and dark up in a tree that was a couple of hundred yards off of the road.  So I put binoculars on it and it looked like a bear asleep in a giant tree - something I've never seen before. Grab the gear and hike!  So sure enough, it was a bear having a nap. Unfortunately, there was this one pesky branch that was in the way; really distracting for a decent photo. [simage=1083,max,n,center,]

After a while, he climbed down the tree and started walking around eating whatever he could find.  I got to shoot him for a quite a while all by myself.



Eventually someone spotted me out in the trees with a big-ass lens and decided I saw something good so they all came out there. The bear didn't like it too much and wandered off.  At least he was polite because he turned around to give me one last look before he disappeared. Otherwise my last shot of the day would have been bear ass.