I captured a reasonably complete owl hunt the other day; following is a sequence of photos of the hunt. Too bad he was unsuccessful so I couldn't get the prey shot, but it was fun to watch and photograph.  And I actually kept the owl in focus the whole time, which was a first. Does that mean I'm getting better? When the owl hears prey under the snow, they go into this hover flight while they pinpoint the target.


Then he enters a dive


in full dive-bomb mode


then as they are hitting the snow, they attack with their feet, breaking through the crust on the snow to hopefully reach the prey underneath


This time he missed, got up and looked back in the hole in the snow. He must have heard the prey still under there, because he decided to attack again. I have never seen this behavior before so it was pretty cool.


Locate the prey


jump up in the air




attack with the talons


Unsuccessful once again...  Time to look around and watch the crazy photographer with a grin on his face.


Fly away, back to a perch to keep hunting (better luck next time!)


And they all lived happily ever after. The end.

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