If you haven't read Parts 1,2 &3, please scroll down and read them first Now that the collars are fitted and the wolves are ready to go, time to carry them off the parking area and give them a nice spot to relax while the drugs wear off. Might as well load one on your back, right?  That wolf weighs over 100lbs for sure.


Is this the coolest photo I have ever taken? Maybe.


Once he set the wolf down, he gave the wolf a quick scratch of the ears to say goodbye. It was kinda touching actually.


This one was still sleeping. zzzzzzz


All done. Wolves collared.  Time to rest while the drugs wear off.  This shot turned out kinda morbid - they look dead. But they aren't, they'll be busy hunting the next day.


There was really nice light right before the sun went down. This wolf was awake but not enough to want to eat me. Amazing eyes, right?


The end of the wolf encounter. I hope I get to meet them again someday.