My Favorite 25 of 2016 Part 3

Jackson Lake Sunset: After a wonderful evening of photographing owls with a couple friends, we headed to Signal Mountain Lodge for dinner. On the way to the lodge, the sky exploded with color and magic, so we all pulled over to enjoy the light show and make some photographs.

Great Gray Owl Awkward Pose: For some reason this photo makes me smile every time.

Well, it's 'just' a photo of an owl nest. But this nest gave me some very special moments this spring and summer. Very special.

Great Gray Owl Perch: I love the clouds. And the simplicity of the silhouette. And I just love being in the woods with owls, of course...

Fox Kits: An energetic, playful moment between two red fox kits.



My Favorite 25 of 2016 Part 2

Wicked Clouds and bison:  We had a violent spring thunderstorm that got my attention so I went out to try to photograph the lightning. No success. But as the storm was clearing, the clouds were amazing. I sat there admiring the scene as the evening light danced through the clouds. When a bison appeared on the ridge, it was the moment I'd been waiting for.

Teton Sandwich: I drove for 20 miles through thick fog, hoping there would be a gap in the weather to catch a glimpse of the mountains at sunrise. Finally, the Grand Teton appeared through a sandwich of two layers of fog. Click.

Beer Can:  Well, this definitely isn't a 'great' photograph of a wolf. But I like it anyways because of what is going on. This was my closest encounter with a wild wolf in 2016 and the wolf was playing with 'something' as I took it's picture. I figured it was a bone from an elk or bison. It wasn't until I got home that I was able to identify the object: An old beer can. Dogs will be dogs.

Great Horned Owl Chicks: This owl nest has been active for 4 out of the last 5 years and I enjoy watching the parents raise their chicks. The nest is impossible to photograph because it is well hidden deep within the tree, and the chicks are rarely visible when there's enough light to make photographs. But I still try. When I arrived this evening, I was excited to find two chicks 'branching', out in plain sight.  As the sun set a while later, the clouds lit up in gorgeous pink, orange and purple colors.  The chicks curiously watched as I repositioned myself to make sure the sunset clouds were behind them as I made this photograph.

Grizzly Highway:  After shooting some nice close-ups of this bear from the comfort and safety of my vehicle, it appeared that the bear wanted to cross the highway. I saw the potential for including the Grand Teton in the frame, so I backed away, threw on my hazards and blocked the road to give the bear some space to cross. It worked out great. The bear crossed safely, and I made a beautiful photograph of her.